Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fundraiser party!

Hey everyone!

Here is an update on what is happening as I prepare for China! I have been trying to think of different ways to raise money this time around. I had been selling a lot of clothes on our local "for sale" page, that was easy to do before school started and I was able to raise almost enough for my plane ticket! I  have figured that I need to raise $4000 to cover all the areas of my trip. ( flight, visas, food, flights in country, phone, misc. living fees)

I have some wonderful ladies in my community  that are going to help me raise money by doing a 31 bags and Silpada fundraiser party in January! I am so blessed with their willingness to help. If you are local I will be having a party at my house and you can contact me for more details. For those that are not near, but love to shop I will post the online links soon! My party will be towards the end of January and we have new catalogs!

As I am getting closer to my hopeful departure date I could use:
* Your prayers!  I will be gone from my family and life as I know it for longer then ever before.
*That I can come up with other ways to fundraise ( I know that God will provide all that I need!)
*All the paperwork and visas will be easy and hassle free when that time comes
* To prepare my heart for the work that I will be doing with the kids and staff this summer

Current fundraisers:
* "For sale" pages and hopeful yard sale in Jan/Feb.
*Half of my profits from my photography
*Fundraiser party ( end of January)
*Hoping to set up a place for people to buy prints that I have taken during travel and flowers

I hope everyone is having a blessed Christmas season!


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Excited to announce!

I am excited to annonce that this upcoming summer 2013 I will be heading back to Chin@!!! This trip will be a little bit different I will be the summer intern at New Hope Foster Home in Beijing! I will be going for around 70 days this trip. I will be doing various task around New Hope during my stay! I have created a tab at the top that explains a bit more about my new trip! I am excited and can not wait to share the journey with you!!! More info will be coming soon.............