Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Following the call.....

With much prayer, on when and if God wanted me to go back to New Hope in 2017, it appears that the start of June thru the end of August is the answer. This is a slightly different timing than I had been originally thinking. I am trusting in God to provide everything that is needed for this trip, including the extra expenses of traveling in the summer, and mid trip visa run. I will also have health insurance cost this time. This answer to prayer, has come as a blessing, as New Hope has been without a steady preschool teacher since this past summer,and will now have one from Jan-March. I will arrive the beginning of June. Please pray that this short gap in coverage will be covered as well. . On top of this great news, I am super excited to announce that my sister Elise and cousin Lexi will be joining me for a few weeks. This will be their first trip to China and they are very excited to serve at New Hope. Both girls have been actively working to save for their trip, and will be fundraising as well. I'm working hard on my support plans, and I'm open to ideas. I'm committing my doTerra commissions that are above my normal living expenses to go directly to my cost for this summer. Please keep this trip in your prayers, specifically the financial coverage. Like my previous trips, I will be taking limited personal items, and loading my suitcase allowances with items that are needed at New Hope. I will start a few "wish lists" at Amazon, and others places, as soon as the needs are known. Summer of 2017 is going to be exciting to see where God leads the adventures of our time in China.