Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Beyond Blessed!

I just want to say that I am feeling beyond blessed by everyones love and support!!!! Not only have I reached my personal fundraising goal but I am not able to bring 4 suitcases with supplies over with me!!!! Now, I need to get working on filling all the suitcases with some fun stuff for the preschool classroom!!!

Thank you again SO much for your prayers, love, and support as I am preparing for my 10 weeks in China this summer!!!


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Huge Thank You!!!

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to all my supporters! I could not be this close to meeting my goal without you! Thank you to Melanie, Angela, and Anji for helping me out with my fundraiser parties! Thank you to everyone that bought items from all my parties! Thank you to everyone that has sent me paypal donations towards my trip!!! I am SO close to my $4,000 goal just $126  left to raise!!

I will contiue to raise funds past my $4,000 for supplies that can be brought over with me for New Hope. The airline that I am flying with has upped the price for a second piece of luggage from $70 to $200 each piece/each way! So at this point my budget can only afford to bring over 1 extra bag. I had hopped and planned on bringing over 4! As I have some amazing ladies traveling over with me that can each help carry a extra bag. I am trusting God and he knows what needs to be brought over and will provide just the right amount!

As I am getting closer to my departure date these are some of my prayer request:

* My nerves ( Don't get me wrong I am super excited just nervous all at the same time)
* My heart to be prepared for my time there and my time away from family
* For my family at home as it is always easier to be the one going on an adventure then the one staying behind.
* For the staff that is already there
* For Melanie, Jenn, and Dana as they are preparing to travel with me over. This will be Mel and Dana's first trip to China, please pray that God prepares their hearts for the time they will spending at New Hope.

Thank you a million times over again for your love, prayers and support!