About my 2017 trip

Hi everyone,

I am leaving some of these questions because they will be answers to anyone that is new to following me along on this next journey!

Q) Are you going back over with a team?
A) No, I applied this time around on my own to be the summer intern at New Hope. This means I am going solo. (still going solo...now for the 4th time)

Q) How long are you going?
A) This time I will be there for 3 months....meaning I will need to do a visa run at some point in my trip.

Q) Are you still going to Maria's?
A) This time around I will be spending majority of my time at New Hope Foundation. On my first trip to Chin@ in 2009. I spent the first week of my two week trip at New Hope and that is where I fell in love with the babies and God opened my heart to orphan care. I have fallen more and more in love with  New Hope and everyone that lives under the roof serving! I am hoping that like my last trip I might be able to swing down for a weekend but it will depend on a lot once I am there. Oh how New Hope keeps stealing my heart! I haven't been back down to Maria's since 2013 but if there is time and everything works out I wouldn't mind going down for a weekend.

Q) How much money do you need to raise?
A) I am still working on final numbers as I am having to do add up all the cost on my own this time. I am estimating around $4,000 for my trip. As I will be traveling in the summer and will have a visa run to make.

Q) What will you be doing?
A) I will be helping with various task around New Hope. My main thing is I will be teaching preschool class over the summer. Plus, I will help with the groups that come into visit and if they need any help in the office. Along with taking lots of pictures for the kiddos scrapbooks and files. Of course I am open to being sent where I am most needed so if that is back to Hong Kong then that is where I will go.

Q) Why are you going back?
A) I felt from my very first trip back in 2009 that I was being called back to serve in Chin@. When 2011 came around I still felt that a ten day trip was all I could take on at the time but had faith that I would be making my way back. This past year I have really felt I was being called back but not for a short 10-14 days like in the past, this time for longer. I prayed about it and talked to a couple of people and when I put in my application for the summer intern at New Hope I could already feel that I was doing the right thing. Robin and Joyce are an amazing couple and I am really excited about serving under them and seeing what all is in store for me. - I will continue on from here I have still had the very strong calling that my time was not done. I have prayed about going over for a year but I did not feel the timing was right with moving back to the states in 2014. I seem to be on a every other year pattern but we will see how that stays. I feel like my work was not done there I love it but it is also hard being away from my family. With that being said I know that this is my time to serve. My 2015 trip ended up being slightly different then planned. New Hope had another need they needed me to travel with a baby to Hong Kong for surgery. So I went off to HK with sweet Annie that many know from my post now and we spent 5 weeks there and then I came back and was in preschool for the remaining time. Because I was bummed about missing so much time in the preschool class even though I would not change 1 mintue of my time in HK I knew another trip was int he works. I headed back to NH the spring of 2016 and while I was there I was teaching preschool we raised funds for a bounce house for Easter and a feild trip as well. It was an amzing spring and full of fun. NH has been without a steady teacher since September and I have been talking to them about the perfect time to come back and seems the answer is summer of 2017 so off I go!

Q) Do you think this will be your last trip? or that you will go for longer?
A) I really can not answer that question right now. I am just going to have to wait and see what all God has in store for me. I know that I will be very sad if this is my last trip as I love this place and so many that are there. - This is still very very true.

If you have any other questions or want to know more about my 2017 trip, then please feel free to write me!

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