Saturday, July 25, 2015

The hardest days!!

I don't even know where to start. 17 days ago my life changed forever. I met this precious little child of God. She might not have a family yet but she is and will forever be a child of God and for that I am thankful. Back in June when I found out there was a large possibility that I would be traveling with a baby to Hong Kong for surgery I started preparing myself. However I don't think you are ever fully prepared for life in a hospital. The first 2 weeks were a true adventure of learning about Annie.... what she likes and doesn't and building what I hope will be a forever bond between us. When I sent her back for her surgery on the 22nd I will admit that I was a basketcase. I spent 8 long hours praying and worrying over her and checking in with the nurses to see if they happened to have an update (which they never did). I know some might think it is crazy because I've only known her for a short time., She isn't related to me but in the same time I am the closest thing she has had to family, and during this hard time in her life I am it. I look back at pictures from our very first day to where we are now and the change in her eyes is amazing!
As I sit here in the visitors room of the ICU, and only get to go back every couple of hours for a little bit here and there I think about all the kids that have to go through this alone. They don't have anyone crying their eyes out waiting and praying for them. They don't have anyone that goes in when all they can do is rub their foot for a little while. They don't feel the love of someone that would do anything for them. It just breaks my heart because I just can't imagine her doing this alone. I am so very thankful that God trusted his princess into my hands for this journey. It was not the summer I was expecting, but I know that I have to trust in him,and he has the perfect plan. I do still pray that we will make some awesome recovery time and that I will still get a couple of weeks back with the NH preschoolers and to help her make the transition back. This sweet girl is fighting a big battle. She is strong and she has a army of prayer warriors around the world that I am so thankful for. I have seen God answer so many prayers over the past 17 days and I am still so thankful each time because without him I would be lost right now. I have been holding on to two different verses during this journey which are Isaiah 41:10,13
Please continue to pray for sweet Annie during this time of recovery and healing. Along with praying for her forever family....that they would answer the call to adopt. Until then, I knowI am giving her the best love I can while she is waiting. ~Stephanie

Saturday, July 18, 2015

One week

Hard to believe that one week has already gone by since I boarded the plane. At this point last week I was trying to bond with little Annie and she was not having it and now here we are one week later. 

Things I have discovered in just one week:

One week if you would have asked me one week ago if I thought Annie and I would be this close I would probably said "nope" but God has a way of opening hearts and building strong bonds. I never realized how much I could love a little one that was not related to me.

One week makes you realize that it doesn't matter how many trips you go on away from family it never makes missing home easier. 

One week and I have discovered I do not have a future of becoming a vegetarian ever!!! That has been one of the hardest things but we are figuring out and finding some yummy things on the menu to try. 
I also discovered how I never thought I would get so excited about brown sugar before :) I can now have oatmeal in the mornings instead of stale Rice Krispies. I really just want a pizza and a hamburger right now.

One week and I have seen this princesses personality really come out. She is growing to like the doctors and nurses more but when it is just the two of us she is a mess. I am thankful God trusted me to be her "momma" for this journey. 

One week and you discover how wonderful "fresh" air is! We were able to venture outside for a whole 15 minutes today. It might have just been outside the front of the hospital but it was outside and it felt wonderful to go beyond the hospital walls. 
I will admit that I am missing life that I know is going on back at New Hope but overall the way I have been looking at it is that God has seen the bigger picture and there are reasons he opened it up for so many babies to get to go to HK and this is where I am meant to be and if timing stays right then I will still have a couple weeks with the crazy preschoolers back at Hope once I get back. 

Prayer request
*for both Annie and I to stay healthy while waiting for her surgery 
*for the doctors as they are preparing everything for her surgery 
* for Annie's visa renewal process. I have to leave this sweet angel with a sitter nurse while I make the trip this week to get her visa renewed. Prayers that she understands that I am coming back as fast as I can and that she does not cry the whole time I am away. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

So in love.....

I knew going into this I was going to get attached, I always do but never in a million years did I think I would get attached so fast and so hard. Each of my trips I have had kiddos steal a place in my heart and both their mommas and them know just how much I love them but Annie has already started a totally different bond then I had with any of the others. These first couple of days I don't believe would have gone as well as they have if it was not for all of your prayers. As I said in my first post she is not normally one that is open to anyone else. No one else has held her but me. This morning as we were getting ready to leave I was nervous because her we go I am taking her from the arms of comfort and putting her in a car that is going to take her to this big unknown place. This little princess is a rockstar she barely fussed as we left and she absolutely LOVED the sling ring. I have to put a big shout out to Heather Downing and her Cassiope Woven store for the amazing donation of our ring sling. It was the biggest lifesaver during the airport, plane ride and taxi cab ride :) She was so comfy and all smiles when she was not sleeping.

On our way out of the airport we did swing by McDonalds and grabbed some chicken nuggets and french fries to share for the taxi ride. I cracked up because Annie fell asleep with a french fry in her hand on our way.

When we arrived at the hospital it was a furry because our plane was delayed and then we had a missing stroller so everyone was just glad to see us when we arrived. All I can say is I am so thankful that God has allowed me to have this job even though it is far from easy I just can't imagine her going through all of this alone. We are in full pre op mode and will have some procedures done before she has her big surgery later this month.

(Insert hospital pictures)

Prayer request:
* That Annie stays healthy enough for her surgery
* For the doctors as they make the decisions on how they are going to preform the surgery
* For Annie to know that I will be right on the other side of the doors waiting for her when I have to send her back. So far for everything I have been able to stay by her side.
*Tomorrow our time she will have her first procedure so prayers that all goes well and the doctors are able to gather all the information needed.
*For me as I send her off and wait during that time because I know it won't be easy and I sure there will be lots of tears ( I started tearing up during her bloodwork)
* For me to stay healthy as well while her so that I will be able to stay with her where ever she is
* For the weather- HK is expecting a typhoon tomorrow and that could mess things up as well as one of the other girls are supposed to be be flying in tomorrow with her baby.
* For the other 2 girls that are at a different hospital with NH babies taking care of them. They have a bit crazier of a room so they need lots of prayers.
* For Annie's  forever family to find her before I leave in September.

Thank you all for your amazing love and support.


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I am here +update

I made it after 17.5 hours of travel (and no in flight entertainment) I am here safely at New Hope. Just in time to sneak in some time with a couple of kiddos before they headed to bed. I would like to introduce you to one special little lady that you will be hearing a lot about......her name is Annie. Later this week we will set out on a great adventure to HongKong together. Medart is a great team there that sponsors babies and performs life saving surgeries for New Hope. Annie is not a fan of strangers so this blonde girl that is trying to make friends with her is going to be a rough road but one I know we can take on. Tomorrow (Wednesday) is going to be a critical bonding day for the two of us. Please be praying for both of our hearts as we prepare. Here are just a few quick pics I was able to snap.


Monday, July 6, 2015

Let the adventure begin

it doesn't matter how many times I do it saying "see you soon" to family is never easy. Most people don't understand this but for me I am with my family all the time and we do so much all together. The last time I went Jameson was a baby but this time he gets it a bit more. This weekend was a bit emotional but I would not trade that time for anything. As I sit here on the plane ready to start the adventure I am asking for prayers to ready my heart for all that will heading my way these next 2 months. I will be heading to HK with a baby(more details to come later) so please be praying for her that she is open to this blonde stranger that is about to take her on a crazy adventure. Lots of love to all