Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I am here +update

I made it after 17.5 hours of travel (and no in flight entertainment) I am here safely at New Hope. Just in time to sneak in some time with a couple of kiddos before they headed to bed. I would like to introduce you to one special little lady that you will be hearing a lot about......her name is Annie. Later this week we will set out on a great adventure to HongKong together. Medart is a great team there that sponsors babies and performs life saving surgeries for New Hope. Annie is not a fan of strangers so this blonde girl that is trying to make friends with her is going to be a rough road but one I know we can take on. Tomorrow (Wednesday) is going to be a critical bonding day for the two of us. Please be praying for both of our hearts as we prepare. Here are just a few quick pics I was able to snap.


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