Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Birthday Party Time!

Birthday Fun!!!!! I love celebrating birthday's but being here it is a good way. We try to make the birthday's as special as possible for them. If one of the preschoolers has a birthday that falls on a school day then they get a special birthday party in class with the all favorite cupcakes!!!!! I was super excited to be able to celebrate 3 different birthday's in class since being back.

Happy Birthday Michael! 

2 birthdays!!

Happy Birthday Herkales 

Happy Birthday Archie 

Helping his buddy with his candles 

Kale loved the birthday fun

present time

Joe loved him some frosting 

But then the last day of the month is the big New Hope Birthday Party! This is the day we celebrate all the birthday's that month. I was super excited to be here to take part in the August birthday party. We were celebrating a 1st birthday and 2- 2nd birthday's. The nanny's and the kids have so much fun with a big Chinese birthday cake and signing in both English and Chinese.

It was Sweet Olives special day!

I pray that for each of these special kiddos that this will be their last birthday's without their families but if not I am so thankful they are here and can be spoiled on for their day.


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Life since back at Hope

Crazy to think that I have been back at New Hope for 2 weeks now. I will admit that the first part of coming back was hard. Handing over sweet Annie to her nanny was heartbreaking because I knew I was going to miss caring for her 24/7 and going to sleep and waking up to her sweet face everyday. But I know she is in the best hands and her nanny was so excited to see her again. Plus, I still get my daily snuggles in with her everyday. I have been staying busy getting into the swing of things and learning about all the kiddos that are living here now.

I have loved being back in the preschool classroom. We have been enjoying singing the ABC's, Counting, and doing crafts. I was excited that Sweet Annie was able to join the preschool class line up when we got back as well.
ABC time 

Isabel showing off her "beach ball" 

Leah loves getting her feet painted 

Annie is fitting right into preschool 

Ava Jo the master painter 

McKinley loves painting 

Plus twice a week we get to have swim days instead of class!!!! This has been loads of fun to give the kiddos a bit of summer fun. Majority of them love the pool but we have had a few that were uncertain but are starting to come around. I can't not thank everyone enough for all of the swim diaper donations. They have been a wonderful :)
Darkon blowing bubbles 

Ava Jo loving the new swim floats 

Lots of swim diapers after a long day

Jade and Isabel love all the water toys 

Leah is ready to swim 

4 little cuties all wrapped up 

Oh sweet Kiah how I love this girl 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Goodbye Hong Kong

(Our "home") 

We have come to the end of the great "Annie and Stephanie Hong Kong adventure". It has been a crazy  34 days of hospital life but I wouldn't change one minute of it. Over this past month I have seen such a wonderful change explode from Annie she is so vibrant and full of giggles. We came here for one very important thing and that was to have her heart repaired and her amazing team of doctors were able to do just that. I know that God has been by our side every second of this trip. We have had so many answered prayers and surprise blessings along the way.

As we say goodbye to the wonderful nurses we have had who have become our "hospital family" it is bittersweet. They love this sweet girl so much and for that I am so thankful. They have given us the best care anyone could ask for. Thank you so much Hong Kong Adventist Hospital for your love and support. 

We are also sad to be saying goodbye to all the wonderful Medart mom's that have blessed us with doing our laundry, bringing us toys, and lots and lots of yummy food and prayers. These ladies have no idea how much each of their visits meant to me. They were all so special, wonderful Godly women and their kiddos are just adorable. This is an amazing organization and such a blessing to so many Hope babies and those that care for them.
(Out on a walk in our Cassiope Woven Ring Sling which has been a huge blessing on this trip) 

We are looking forward to our return to New Hope as that means Annie is going to be able to attend preschool class and I will have a few weeks left of being able to help out in preschool.  I am so excited to be there for a couple more weeks during the transition back. This is also going to be a bittersweet time as I have cared for this sweet girl through everything these past 5 weeks and now I will hand over everything to her nanny again. I hope her nanny is ready for this new personality that has exploded over these past 5 weeks!
(Did you know that heart babies tend to have longer eye lashes) 

Some random things I have discovered about myself while in Hong Kong:
*I know every show on Disney Jr. better then I ever thought I would ( and I already knew it pretty well)
*I think they should bring back Hi-5 to the states or at least air the Aussie version
*PCSing prepared me for living out of a suitcase with limited clothing options
*Don't ever take for granted being outside and enjoying the fresh air
*I don't know what I would have done without my oils! This picture just shows a few of my staples during this hospital stay! (If anyone wants to know more about them I always love to talk oils)

*I like kiwi's
*The southern style Chinese food is so yummy! I could eat veggie rice and meatballs everyday
*Vegetarian life still isn't for me
*I have become more adventurous of a eater ( my momma would be proud)
(Someone agrees with me about the food) 

Prayer request:
*For our flight back that it be smooth and on time 
*For the readjustment phase for both of us 
*For her little body to keep healing 
*Prayers for her forever family where ever they are