Friday, February 3, 2017

An Amazing February Update!!

I wanted to share an amazing update with ya'll.   I am trying to be as transparent, as I can be with our funding, and how each dollar will be used.  We wrapped up an amazing month of fundraising in January and I want to thank Cheri Evans, Stacy Lovelace, Jennifer Frey, Angela Cavallo, Megan Bodwell for all donating their commissions back during our parties. I also want to thank each of you that ordered from our fundraiser parties. 

For the month of February we are doing something a little different. We kicked off the month with my birthday wish of 26 donations of $26 for my 26th birthday and ya'll blew me away! Thank you so much to each of you that joined in. 

We have two fun custom pieces this month for sale both of these have the verse Jeremiah 29:13 which is a verse that has really been speaking to both me and Elise.  Check out these amazing shirts!!  Thank you Arthur Gonclaves for sharing your creative talents to bring this idea to life.   We will be collecting pre orders  until Feb 20th. You can fill out this form to place a order, and read all the details about them. Our goal is to sell at least 100 shirts, so please spread the word.  We are inquiring about children's sizes...if you are interested please comment below as it will help us figure out the details.

Alicia Palmer is a Plunder independent stylist and she helped us create these fun Atlas necklaces! We are collecting orders for these during the whole month of February. You can place your order by sending payment and your mailing address to if you are local to Stephanie for pick up you can wave the shipping fee. 

Here is our updated breakdown of cost:

Plane ticket - $1500 booked!
Plane ticket to MD-$300
Visa- $150
Passport- Covered ( Applied for!) 
China expenses meals, transportation, ect.-$100
Total - $2,050
Raised- $2,055

Remaining- DONE!!! 

Plane ticket- $1247 ( booked) 
Plane ticket for visa run-$500
Visa run expenses (hotel, food, ect)- $500
Insurance- $500
China expenses ( food, transportaion, phone, suppliesect)-$1000 ( $300 per month of my stay)


Plus, depending on which flights we are able to book we may have extra baggage fees for bringing  supplies. This will be between $50-100 depening on airline per bag. I will update that once we are able to purchase our tickets.
*Stephanie's flights allow her 2 checked bags for free!!!!

Early spring I plan on getting the final wish list of items needed for the preschool. As in past trips, I am planning to take my personal items in my carry on and load up my suitcases with much needed items for New Hope.  I've been actively working with Rebecca and those at New Hope for the most up to date needs.  

If you are on FB be sure to join our group page:

~Stephanie & Elise

* These totals are as of February 11,  2017
**35 of 100 shirts have been preordered**

**To see the amounts raised in the closed parties please go to the fundraisers tab on the home page of the blog**