Tuesday, January 10, 2017

the journey of preparing

One of the most challenging first steps in preparing for my  China trips is the fundraising journey. I wish somedays that I didn't need to ask a single person for support,  I just had everything that was needed, and I could be on my way.   However, that is not the case.  One of the many things that God shown me,  is that by allowing people to help, it is  allowing them to play a role in His plan as well. With all that being said I mentioned in my previous post that this trip brings additional fininacal needs than my past trips have. Over the last couple of months, before sharing about my trip, I have been working watchcare at a local church, and several other jobs, all with the monies earned ear marked for my plane ticket.  . Along, with this I reached out to some of the ladies that have helped me in the past,and they so graciously offered to help me again. Be sure to join our mega vendor event fundraiser by following the link below!  The consutlants of these various companies have pledged that they will give 100% of their commisisons earned to our fund. This fundriaser is not just for me, it is also for my sister Elise, who is working hard to come over, and serve at New Hope for a few weeks.  To add to the excited, my cousin Lexi will be joining us as well.  I am so thrilled to have both of these girls share in this special part of my life, as well as meet the amzing people and kids at New Hope.

I am being transparent in this post when I say we need help! Our current cost break down is as follows....

Plane ticket - $1500
Plane ticket to MD-$300
Visa- $150
Passport- Covered 
China expenses meals, transportation, ect.-$100
Total - $2,050
Raised- $1355

Remaining- $695

Plane ticket- $1247 ( booked) 
Plane ticket for visa run-$500
Visa run expenses (hotel, food, ect)- $500
Insurance- $500
China expenses ( food, transportaion, phone, suppliesect)-$1000 ( $300 per month of my stay)


Plus, depending on which flights we are able to book we may have extra baggage fees for bringing  supplies. This will be between $50-100 depening on airline per bag. I will update that once we are able to purchase our tickets.
*Stephanie's flights allow her 2 checked bags for free!!!! 

Here are the list of current fundraisers going on for our trip during the month of January.

Younique ends 1/31- https://www.youniqueproducts.com/AngelaCavallo/party/5728551/view?success=1

Tastefully Simple ends 1/31- https://www.tastefullysimple.com/party/10832323/dc80c63349b74f5b8c781b29e7c05471

Noonday ends 1/31-  www.JenniferFrey.NoondayCollection.com, and then enter "Stephanie Irizarry" as the trunk show hostess. It is active now, and we can close Jan 31.

Jamberry ongoing- www.cutenails4acause.jamberrynails.net

During the month of Feburary, we have a few new and exciting ideas, one of them being tshirts!!  Once the design is finalized I will share it with ya'll.   In all honestly my prayer is to have all of Elise's trip covered,and majority of mine, by the first of March. Early spring I plan on getting the final wish list of items needed for the preschool. As in past trips, I am planning to take my personal items in my carry on and load up my suitcases with much needed items for New Hope.  I've been actively working with Rebecca and those at New Hope for the most up to date needs.  

God has showed me over and over, on these trips, that I just need to trust him.  He will provide every penny needed. So that is what I am doing... trying not to stress and just put it in his hands and let him have control over it all.

~Stephanie & Elise

* These totals are as of January 22, 2017

**To see the amounts raised in the closed parties please go to the fundraisers tab on the home page of the blog**