Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Birthday Party Time!

Birthday Fun!!!!! I love celebrating birthday's but being here it is a good way. We try to make the birthday's as special as possible for them. If one of the preschoolers has a birthday that falls on a school day then they get a special birthday party in class with the all favorite cupcakes!!!!! I was super excited to be able to celebrate 3 different birthday's in class since being back.

Happy Birthday Michael! 

2 birthdays!!

Happy Birthday Herkales 

Happy Birthday Archie 

Helping his buddy with his candles 

Kale loved the birthday fun

present time

Joe loved him some frosting 

But then the last day of the month is the big New Hope Birthday Party! This is the day we celebrate all the birthday's that month. I was super excited to be here to take part in the August birthday party. We were celebrating a 1st birthday and 2- 2nd birthday's. The nanny's and the kids have so much fun with a big Chinese birthday cake and signing in both English and Chinese.

It was Sweet Olives special day!

I pray that for each of these special kiddos that this will be their last birthday's without their families but if not I am so thankful they are here and can be spoiled on for their day.