Monday, March 21, 2011

I am posting this for those who want to maybe get a little bit better of an idea about my trip. Here are two blog post from My trip 2 years ago. I hope you enjoy!


Grand Announcement!!

DRUM ROLL PLEASE..........................

I have raise ALL the money needed for my China trip!!! God is so amazing!! I have just been amazed at how the money has come in and I was even over my amount ! I will be putting the extra $63 towards the stroller the youth group is helping to buy for me to bring over! 

I would not have been able to do this without everyones prayers and support! I am so ready to start my trip, and to see all the wonderful things God has planed for us while we are there. If you could please continue to pray for my team and all the final stuff for our trip! One of the big things is I get my visa back in time! I know God has a plan and he will work everything out so it goes as smoothly as possible from here! 

I am posting below so other ways that you can help! They are always in need of supplies. Here is the list of ongoing needs and I will then post the address and packing list. 

Show Hope Special Care Centers
Baby Items
Infant Sleepers – one piece - size preemie to 12 months 
Toddler One-Piece Footed Pajamas – size 18 months, 24 months, 2T and 3T
Receiving Blankets - approximately 30 x 30 inches – cotton flannel
Preemie Diapers (not newborn but specific diaper size for preemie babies)
Cloth Baby Bibs
Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo, Lotion and Powder (traditional, not new fragrances)
Baby Bottles – plastic 8 ounce bottles– (not bottles that use plastic liners)
Baby Bottles for cleft palate babies – (Mead Johnson brand preferred)
Premature Baby Formula – such as Enfamil® EnfaCare® or Similac Expert Care ™ Neosure® 
High Nutrition Formula for Malnourished Little Ones – such as Peptamin Junior® and Nutren Junior®  
Double strollers (HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank"Kolcraft Tandem strollers or similar)
Medications – Over the Counter (store brand or name brand)
Cough meds for infants and children; expectorants
Allergy medications for infants and children
Diaper Rash Cream
Infants Acetaminophen
Infants Ibuprofen
Antibiotic ointment or cream 
Gas Drops / Colic Drops
Steroid Cream (hydrocortisone cream)
Multivitamins for infants (liquid) – with iron
Oral Replacement Salts Flavored Powder – (Pedialyte® or other brands)
Teething Gel
Liquid Stool Softeners / Glycerin Suppositories / Lactulose / Oral Citrate of Magnesia

Medical Supplies
Pill crushers and pill cutters
Alcohol Swabs
Hand sanitizer bottles with pumps (1 liter or smaller for ease of shipping)
Hand sanitizer pouches for institutional wall units - HYPERLINK "" \o "Dial Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Fragrance-Free - 800 ml, DIA95862"Dial® Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Fragrance-Free - 800 ml   
Gauze of various sizes
Micropore Tape –various sizes needed of this lightweight tape used to secure bandages or dressings
Nasogastric tubes – size F5 or F6
Nasal Cannula for infants
Dressings – Hydrogel dressings, thick gauze abdominal pads, regular sterile gauze
Club Foot Casting Materials: 2-inch Soffban padding and stockinette, fiberglass 
Disposable Underpads (Chux) for examining table
Pediatric-size colostomy bags (one-piece, drainable preferred pediatric size 1-3/4” or 44mm – prefer ConvaTec brand)

Oral antibiotics for infant and children (liquid or power for reconstitution) – any time such as Amoxicillin, Augmentin, Bactrim, Cephalosporins, Clindamycin, Sulpha,and Macrolides.
Sodium Valprate Liquid
Antibiotic ointments or creams such as Bactroban
E-45 or similar water-based creams
Asthma medication for use with a spacer or with a nebulizer – Pulmicort nebules or Steroid inhalers
Singulair tablets (Montelukast Sodium)
Antibiotic eye ointment or drops
Phenobarbital 30 mg tabs
Bacolofen 10 mg tabs
Tylenol® with Codeine 

I will post the packing slip info later (for some reason I can not open the link) 

I hope everyone is having a blessed weekend! 


Saturday, March 5, 2011

God is AMAZING!!!!

God keeps showing me how AMAZING he is! I have been blown away on how fast my fundraising is going! I just can not thank all the people that are behind me and showing me so much love through financial support and prayers! God is just taking my breath away! I have raised 18,276 of my 21,000 miles already! That means I only 2,724 miles (roughly $600 ) left to raise! 

I have also started "meeting" my new team! We had our first conference call and are now all finding each other on Facebook! I am so excited about meeting them all in person this April! God has hand picked an amazing team for this April Sponsor trip and everyone is pumped up and ready to spread the love of God around the orphanages! 

Prayer request at this point:
* For myself and the rest of my team as we finish raising support
*For God to keep filling up our hearts with all this love to share with others
*For our amazing leaders as they finish getting different things completed for us to be able to go!