Saturday, July 25, 2015

The hardest days!!

I don't even know where to start. 17 days ago my life changed forever. I met this precious little child of God. She might not have a family yet but she is and will forever be a child of God and for that I am thankful. Back in June when I found out there was a large possibility that I would be traveling with a baby to Hong Kong for surgery I started preparing myself. However I don't think you are ever fully prepared for life in a hospital. The first 2 weeks were a true adventure of learning about Annie.... what she likes and doesn't and building what I hope will be a forever bond between us. When I sent her back for her surgery on the 22nd I will admit that I was a basketcase. I spent 8 long hours praying and worrying over her and checking in with the nurses to see if they happened to have an update (which they never did). I know some might think it is crazy because I've only known her for a short time., She isn't related to me but in the same time I am the closest thing she has had to family, and during this hard time in her life I am it. I look back at pictures from our very first day to where we are now and the change in her eyes is amazing!
As I sit here in the visitors room of the ICU, and only get to go back every couple of hours for a little bit here and there I think about all the kids that have to go through this alone. They don't have anyone crying their eyes out waiting and praying for them. They don't have anyone that goes in when all they can do is rub their foot for a little while. They don't feel the love of someone that would do anything for them. It just breaks my heart because I just can't imagine her doing this alone. I am so very thankful that God trusted his princess into my hands for this journey. It was not the summer I was expecting, but I know that I have to trust in him,and he has the perfect plan. I do still pray that we will make some awesome recovery time and that I will still get a couple of weeks back with the NH preschoolers and to help her make the transition back. This sweet girl is fighting a big battle. She is strong and she has a army of prayer warriors around the world that I am so thankful for. I have seen God answer so many prayers over the past 17 days and I am still so thankful each time because without him I would be lost right now. I have been holding on to two different verses during this journey which are Isaiah 41:10,13
Please continue to pray for sweet Annie during this time of recovery and healing. Along with praying for her forever family....that they would answer the call to adopt. Until then, I knowI am giving her the best love I can while she is waiting. ~Stephanie

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