Sunday, August 2, 2015

When it all started........

It is crazy to think back to 6 years ago when I stepped foot into China for the very first time. At times it feels like forever ago that I made that very first trip and other times it feels like yesterday.

(2009- A day of new arrivals) 

6 years ago I was looking for a missions trip to serve on after graduation and God placed China on my heart and then lead me to Show Hope's site. I remember how nervous and scared I was as I met this team of strangers the night before we would be boarding at 12 hour flight that would take us half way across the world. I am so thankful for that trip and what God opened my eyes too. I made lasting friendships and met the most amazing staff at New Hope and was there in the very beginning stages of Maria's Big House being opened. I met the most amazing kids  that changed my world. My eyes were opened to the orphans and my heart was changed forever. 

(2011 - I had met this sweet girl on my 2009 trip) 


Maria's Big House of Hope 

Great Wall fun 

Here I am sitting here writing this from a hospital in Hong Kong with a wonderful princess from New Hope. 6 years and 4 trips later my heart is still very much attached. Each trip brought about new challenges and experiences but God had a way of showing me after each one just what he wanted me to see. 


(2013- summer fun) 
Over the past 6 years I have met the most amazing people and have been able to connect with some of the most amazing families. Families that have opened their arms to kiddos that stole my heart on different trips. Some people might not like facebook but I am so thankful for facebook as it has opened a whole new door and a way to connect and watch these kids grow up in the love and care of their forever families. 


(2013- The Nanny's are all such amazing ladies)

(2013- My sweet sponsor baby who is now home with her forever family)

(2013- preschool fun) 

(2013- photo credit to Stephanie is one of my favorites) 

Two years ago I was getting ready to board a plane back home after spending 10 weeks at New Hope that trip forever changed me and grew me in so many ways. It also helped prepare me for the 8 weeks I would spend this summer. Little did I know when I planned the trip that I would be caring for a baby like my own in a hospital in Hong Kong. But all the doors opened up and I know this is where God had planned for me to be this summer. While I am missing all the summer fun at New Hope with God's will I am still going to have a couple of weeks there. But the bond and love for this little princess is amazing and I am trusting God with her future he knows the plans he has laid out for her. 

(2009- Arrival day....this sweet angel will always hold a special spot in my heart) 






6 years ago I never thought when I boarded  that plane that I would still be coming back but here I am and I know in my heart that this will not be my last trip. I am trusting in his perfect timing to open up the doors for my next trip (maybe I will be able to break my every other year tradition). I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds and where he will keep leading me on my journey in China with New Hope and Show Hope. 

New Hope Foster Home 
( one of my favorite quotes-I also know for sure that 13 of these amazing kiddos are now home with their forever families) 


*Sorry the pics are out of order* 

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