Monday, August 5, 2013

Old Town Luoyang

July 30,2013

Stephanie and I were able to go into Old Town Louyang one afternoon. Kelsi, Vickie and her boys Caleb and Bradley (They are new Show Hope staff down in LY) and the translator Polly all were able to go out and explore around and have a wonderful Chinese dinner. It was a fun, relaxing time out and I was able to pick up a few pieces of artwork from the underground art market. Here are some pictures from our afternoon.


Happy is a soda that you can only get in Luoyang! 

The cutest firetruck ever! 

Check out all these grasshoppers

Anyone want a fish??

It poured while we were eating dinner 

Me, Stephanie, Kelsi, Vicki , Caleb and Bradley 

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