Sunday, October 13, 2013

Down syndrome Awareness Month

October 13,2013 

Many of you know that my youngest brother Jameson has Down syndrome. We found out when he was just 3 days old (Nov.2011). Backing up just a bit I want to start where I first fell in love and my heart was opened to the world of people blessed with this extra 21st chromosome. When I was in Chin@ on my second trip in spring 2011, I met a little boy. This little boy's name is Lucas and he was 18 months old at the time. This little man became my buddy during my time visiting in Chin@. We spent lots of time giggling and playing just like you would with any toddler. Little did I know that God was preparing my heart for the blessing that was about to arrive in our family. It was not until after I had returned home that my mom found out she was pregnant, we were all super excited. Jameson was due January 2012 but decided that he just did not want to miss the crazy holiday season. He arrived in November 2011 just before Thanksgiving after my mom had spent a month on hospital bed rest trying to keep him in a little longer. He weighed just 3lbs 8oz when he as born and was a wee little thing. I will never forget those first moments seeing him. The first time I was able to touch his little hand ( at this point we did not know only my parents could touch him). I will forever remember those moments. Just as I will remember Thanksgiving of 2011 when I was back in the NICU with Jameson and my dad looked at me and said that the test results came back saying Jameson had Down syndrome. Not, one bit of me was upset or angry at God. I immediately went back to all my memories of Lucas just months before. I said "he is going to be just like Lucas, special". I would not trade Jameson for anything he has been such a wonderful blessing to the whole family and our lives will never be the same with out him. Through Jameson we have been able to spread awareness to so many about Ds. It is amazing the power this little man has on people. We have also made some wonderful friends through our journey over the past 22 months. I can't wait to see what God has planned for Jameson and I know there are a ton more hearts just waiting to be touched. October is National Down syndrome Awareness Month and I wanted to share this story along with some pictures of sweeties that I LOVE who have been blessed with a extra 21st chromosome. I hope you enjoy the pictures!!

I just love these special features! 

Photo credit to Stephanie H. 

Photo credit to Stephanie H.

Photo credit to Stephanie H.

Artwork done by Stephanie H.

Happy Down syndrome awareness month! 


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