Saturday, April 15, 2017


Update and Supply wishlist :

As our trip is nearing closer and closer... we are in the process of collecting supplies to fill our suitcases with lots of goodies for the kiddos, preschool class, and the full time staff. I have been gathering the current request and needs. I have two different wishlist started and items from both list will be mailed directly to me so you don't even have to mess with that. I have also been gathering fun items from targets fun area and local store around that are cheaper then online. Leggings were a big request so I have teamed up with a friend of mine that started her own small busniess making these amazing grow with me leggings along with other fun items. She has graciously set up a link with discounted priced leggings and bubble shorts. She knows what sizes and how many I have requested of each and has it set so that you can pick what size you would like to purchace and then she is going to mail them all to me by mid May so the deadline is fast apporaching. I would like to have all donation items by May 31st! I know there will probably be a few items coming in a bit later and we have E's bag heading out after mine so we will get everything that is donated over! I also have an Amazon wishlist set up for other supply needs and pajama's were another big requst. I have already selected the sizes on the wishlist based on what they need. If you have any questions about either wishlist please comment below or email me and I would be happy to answer any questions.

Here are the two wishlist links (Please note the Amazon list might change as I get other request and we start packing the bags and see what space we have):

Amazon wishlist-

Beautiful Babies Boutique wishlist-

For those wondering about or personal progress and funding report:

Elise's in state flights have been booked and her visa has been issued! This is a huge prayer answered and a big step to having her ready for travel.

Stephanie's- If all stays excatly within budget then I have what we need. So praying my visa run and any extra bag fees or pop up expenses along the way.

Any extra money that we recieve will go towards items on the wishlist or doing some fun summer activies with the kiddos. ( like doughnut day, bounce house, and stuff like that)

Thank you all for your love, prayers and support in our journey,


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