Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My first few days

I am so glad that ya’ll want to follow my adventure this summer! I have arrived safely and I am getting settled in. Thankfully I have not been affected by jetlag to bad. The first couple of days were very laid back and I got to spend time with Jen, Mel, Dana and Anne going to different rooms and playing with kiddos. Today was my first “work” day! It was also the day to say “see ya later” to Jen, Mel and Dana as they are headed out on the rest of their trip before returning home. Last night I found out that I would be taking over and running the preschool class this summer! I had my first 2 classes this morning and will have 3 more this afternoon. Chelsea was around but she had me running them as much as possible on my own to get the kids adjusted. I will have 4 sweet kiddos in the first class and then I had 3 younger ones in my second. I know the afternoon kids are younger then the morning so their class will be a little different. I am excited and nervous all at the same time about this big step. I am posting a few pictures of the past couple of days and this morning in preschool up as well. I hope you enjoy them! The kids are stealing my heart super fast and some of them can even say my name already.
I would like to put a big shout out to my momma and sister for helping me post my blog up, until I am hopefully able to get it all set up here.

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