Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1st birthdays and Jello fun!!

July 24,2013
What a fun week it has been! Last week we gave the kids jello for snack because we were working on the letter “J”. It was so funny watching the kids reactions when they first touched and tasted the jello. Some were not big fans but for the most part the kids LOVED it and finally got the hang of picking it up. Callie, Stephanie and I had lots of fun de-sticking all the kiddos and the classroom!

Hayes was not sure about the Jello at first but the spoon made everything better!
Liam just went for it!

Marisol thought Jello was yummy! 

Our class also celebrated a 1st birthday! Ted is the youngest “student” in class and turned 1 on Thursday! So, what does every 1 year old need??? Of course a cupcake with chocolate icing! In honor of Ted’s birthday all 5 classes got cupcakes for snack. I think the ayi’s thought we were crazy for giving them cupcakes but all but one of the kids was a big fan. Lots of chocolate hands and faces and they were so adorable!!!!

David thought his cupcake was yummy!
Zachary had the best Chocolate face!

Ted the Birthday boy!!!

1st Birthday cupcake 

Since, I had made cupcakes we decided to take some into the village for the kids. We went during the dance lessons (which Callie, Stephanie, and a couple of the nurses have been going too.) We also brought paint, bubbles and chalk. Most of the kids that come to the park during this time are the children of ayi’s at New Hope. The kids had so much fun making handprint butterflies and flowers. They also LOVED the cupcakes and some of them told us they had never had chocolate before. It was fun serving some of the local children around as well.

Dancing in the park 

Lots and lots of artwork 
With 2 of the kids YaYa and Frank 
YaYa's mom is one of the Ayi's at New Hope

We painted lots of hands 

Stephanie and I are heading down to Maria’s Big House of Hope tomorrow and spending a couple of days down there. It will be fun to take her to another wonderful place and spend time with the babies and staff down there.
** More pictures on my Facebook of swimming with the kids**

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