Saturday, July 20, 2013

Back at New Hope

July 14,2013

This week has been fun getting back into the swing of preschool classes and life here at New Hope. When I arrived back to NH, I was walking back down the hall towards my room, I pass two of the nurseries and when the kids saw me they all started yelling “Stephanie” and “We love you.”! It was great to see all their smiling faces again, and know that I would have a couple more weeks to kiss their sweet cheeks and create more memories in preschool class. Before I left I started making ABC artwork books for my older classes. It has been so much fun working through the alphabet and putting together these books that will hopefully one day make it to each of the kids “forever families”. 

One of the other big things I have planned to work on in class over these next couple of weeks is putting together something special for each of the children's nannies. I have taken “school pictures” and have those all printed out, now all that is left is to have each of the kids paint or color a picture for their nannies. These ladies are wonderful and care for the kids as if they were their own. I wanted to be able to give them something to keep as a memory when the kids move on for their adoptions.

One of the other volunteer’s here right now and my roommate is also named Stephanie. She did such a wonderful job taking over the preschool class for me while I was away. It has also been wonderful having an extra set of hands in the classroom during art projects. She put together this great video that shows you a bit of what my life is like this summer. Here is the link
This week we have several different volunteer’s arriving for various amounts of time and the weather looks like it is going to be rain free....hoping that means we will be able to go to the pool a couple more times! They have been asking when we were going to go back to the “water”.

I have attached some pictures from class this week! I hope you enjoy looking at their sweet faces as much as I do!

Harry loves to sit and read books! 

Love kissing those chubby cheeks! 

Someone found himself in the mirror! 

We took the morning class out on a nice walk around the village.

Paul is a very serious about his coloring

You just have to love this face! 


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  1. Thanks for the update... just one question, are you able to take pics of the bedrooms of the kids. I am curious how they are layed out?

    Thanks, Tim