Friday, May 6, 2016

Rainbow Fish

Rainbow fish is such a fun book that I forgot how wonderful it is and we really worked on sharing like Rainbow fish. We will see how that translates over into playtime in the future but for now I have to remind myself that they are still toddlers and very much in the learning stages. We had a fun week of making so fish themed crafts that we will carry on into next week as well because there are just so many fun things to make and do! But here is a look at our week......

Goldfish color sorting
We made these cute little octopus's to work on counting.
I just love the little smile this one was given ( all smiles were given to them by the child that created them)

  watercolor sea with cupcake liner fish

This was my favorite craft of the week!

 The Seahorses were my favorite craft of the week!!! It was so easy and the kids had a lot of fun watching the magic unfold.
color mixing

They are almost ready!

I couldn't pic just one to take a pic of because each one was so different and special  just like God has created each of these precious kiddos! They are all special in his eyes!
 Since Friday is normally outside play we thought it was only fitting for us to have waterplay!!!! Majority of the kids had a blast we had a few that were unsure about the water and I don't think we were the nannies favorites today but oh well!

Even John John got in on the fun!

Well that is a wrap but not without telling you exciting news about what it coming up next week....... We are going to be taking a trip "Under the Sea"!!!! 


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