Saturday, April 30, 2016

Crazy week!

This week has been a bit crazy and unusual but here is a fun recap of what has been going on......

Last weekend we had a girls shopping day since Ananya was leaving us (we miss you!!!). It was a wonderful day out and about while getting some good deals at the pearl market.

Just missing Katie

Then on Tuesday a local group here was doing a cooking competition to raise money for one of the kiddos here to have surgery. It is a pretty cool group started by some moms wanting to raise money for medical surgeries for orphans. We were able to be one of the teams in the competition.....sadly we did not win but I think our team was pretty awesome and we had a lot of fun during the whole process.

Team PPP

This week as well we had to move the preschool room up into one of the empty nurseries to act as our temporary preschool room over the next couple of weeks while there is construction going on in the preschool area.....more to come on that later. So after sorting what items would be needed over the next couple of weeks and make the switch easier and moving it across and up the building I was able to get the new room set up and ready to go. I think the pictures below show that the kiddos approved of the new space.
let the set up begin!

reading area

kitchen and dress up

circle time

I am looking forward to Monday and being back on an normal schedule and starting our new book and lesson series which will give you a big clue about an upcoming trip that we will be taking the kiddos on...... stay tuned to find out more.


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