Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Very Hungry Caterpillar week

We have had lots of fun in preschool class with the bunny ears that I brought over here is just a collection of the pictures. As we wrapped up Easter in class we moved on to a very fun week of the Very Hungry Caterpillar. I took the basic idea of doing Five in a Row and brought it to life with the kiddos. We also started using our new circle time board ( Thank you ).
 I have loved the idea of Five in a Row for years and we have used it with my siblings many times. One thing I wasn't really thinking about is that we would be doing five in a row times 6 classes! Let me just tell you I can read that book now more so then ever in my sleep. But at the end of the week when the older kiddos are saying "still hungry" at the end of each page and they yell "BUTTERFLY" at the very end it makes it all worth it. We had lots of fun mixing it up and using the new felt board and story pieces to make the story come more to life. The kids even made their own felt caterpillars one day and were excited to put them on the board.

My favorite craft day by far was the day we made caterpillar hats....each hat is slightly different as the kids placed the eyes on their hats. Some are super closed together while others are totally crooked. My favorite was taking group pics of the kiddos wearing them. They all looked so stinkin cute.

We also did a food testing day with the older kids since were were able to find all the fruits the caterpillar eats his first 5 days and the kids got a big hit about eating snack at the same time we were doing story. The strawberries were a huge hit while the plums were not as much.

We closed our week up with making butterfly hand print paintings which of course I loved because I could do handprint art all the time.

Next week we are moving on to a spring themed week of fun!


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