Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Clean Teeth and Clean Earth!

This past week was Earth week and we also had a visit for a dental group that came in and talked to the kiddos about brushing their teeth. I think the kids were very excited and now they tell us every morning that they have brushed their teeth. I found it very interesting to learn that here in the culture of China they don't understand the importance of brushing and caring for their teeth and they really don't understand the big deal about baby teeth. Now, I know all of you are probably cringing just like we were but here they look at it is they can pull the tooth and get a fake one so what is the point. So it was a learning experience for everyone and one that will hopefully carry over into their own homes as well. The first two night Ananya and I both went down and helped brush the kiddos teeth but know the nannies are fully on board.

 We also did a series of Earth day activities which included bringing down a blow up "earth" and trying to explain to the kids that this is where we lived and how we need to take care of the earth.

Hopefully, part of this weeks lesson will stick with the kids if not then they at least know the earth is blue and green and they fully believe it is just a circle. We also went out on a walk again around the building and picked and looked out all of the yellow flowers :)

It was a busy but fun week all in all.


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