Friday, April 22, 2016

What do you see??

Can you guess what our theme of the last week and a half has been?
  If you guessed the beloved book Brown Bear, Brown Bear you are correct! I have always loved this book but I have read it so many times this week that I actually feel like I am dreaming about Brown Bear. We took on the fun task of creating "What do you see" books for each of the kiddos. This includes a hand or foot print for each animal in the book. At first we were a little nervous about how they would turn out but I am super excited about the end results. The kids had a blast "reading" their books today during story time instead of the actual book.

I would like to thank Pintrest for all the amazing activities that we were able to find and use for Brown Bear. Along, with the fact that it was a huge hit to have the felt board pieces for the story that allowed them to help them take part in telling the story as well.

*Painting their cover pages for their own story books! I LOVED the way they all turned out.

 * My favorite page in their book is probably the children page


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  1. You are such a blessing to those kiddos!! (And I know they are to you as well!) Love the books you made!!