Friday, June 30, 2017

Summer FUNNN!!!!

AHH! Two weeks of total summer fun has been going on in preschool. We have loved reading books about watermelon, summer days, fireworks and more! To kick off our summer fun we started with watermelon crafts and snack! Most of the kiddos loved the watermelon and asked for more. Craft time is a favorite of so many of the preschoolers and they are such little artist! We made watermelon handprints, pineapples, decorated and ate popsicles, suns , painted fireworks and made some cute flip flops using their footprints! The kids love looking at their artwork hanging on the preschool door and their boards! On top of having the most exciting start to summer we began swimming!!!! I love swim days and so do the kids many days they ask if we are going swimming again. I just can feel that this is going to be a great swim season. We have a few kids that a little nervous about the pool, but I'm thinking they will be fans by the end of the summer. Its been amazing and wonderful to share this experience with my sister, and cousin. Elise and Lexi have been here for 2 weeks already, and in that short time, they the kids have stolen their hearts. I am loving every minute of having them here and we will do a separate blog on our travel adventures from their time here. Its truly special to have another family member that is going to understand this part of my life and see, smell and experience China and New Hope life. Hope you enjoy all the pictures of these crazy and wonderful kiddos!

“Be a pineapple… stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet”


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