Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 1- Transportation

Wow! A week has flown by already. Last weekend when I first arrived I spent time getting settled and over jet lag (which thankfully wasn’t bad at all thanks to my serenity soft gels). On Monday morning preschool was able to resume after a 2 week break. The kids and I had loads of fun this week. We had a team arrive from VA on Monday evening so they were busy around the house playing with kids and doing some outside work projects that needed to be done. They also did some music classes with the kiddos which is a whole different post because it was loads of fun!

This week's theme was Transportation! We were singing Wheels of the Bus, which was a hit, as well as read lots of books about cars, trucks, trains and tractors! The younger class really enjoyed the book “that’s not my truck” with all the touch and feel.

We made wheels on the bus, airplanes, hot air balloons, and did some fun drawings using cars with markers attached to the back. It has felt great to be able to jump right back into the swing of things here and see the kiddos that I knew from last spring and see how much they have grown up! But it has also been wonderful to meet so many new sweet faces and love on them in and out of preschool.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the first week 🙂


Using cars to draw

Using their new mats to trace 

painting clouds 

3-2-1 Blast off! 

Making hot air balloons

Yay! I did it


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