Saturday, July 22, 2017

Mix it up!

Mix it up! And have fun with colors! What an exciting 2 weeks it has been in preschool, first learning all about our 3 primary colors that only God can make. Then we moved into one of my favorite books, and I think the kids agreed, Mix it Up by Herve Tullet.   We had so much fun mixing colors to see what we could make and testing out different paint methods. The kids enjoyed all  the painting that we might even do another week of it later in the summer. We did finger print painting with lots of colors then traced and glued their handprints to match one of the pages in the book. These turned out super awesome if you asked me and the kids loved getting messy in the paint. 

We also had fun using cardboard as our “paintbrushes”. The kids loved seeing the colors changed as they mixed together and they all created some pretty amazing masterpieces! We have lots of talented artist in preschool. 

Along, with painting and colors we also had some swim days in there which the kids look forward to Tuesday and Thursday’s when they get to splash and play. Some of the kiddos are getting braver and braver each swim day and now enjoying swimming in the deep end of the pool. 

Prayer request: There is a lot of changes happening currently at New Hope you can read more in the June newsletter. Please be in prayer for those that are in charge and for all the kiddos.

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