Saturday, August 5, 2017

Down on the farm and Mrs. Wishy Washy

From E-I-E-I-O to Mrs. Wishy Washy it has been an exciting fun couple of weeks in preschool learning all about farm animals. We started with chickens and even went for a visit to the chicken coop out back. Most of the kiddos were super excited while others wanted to get out of there as fast as possible. Using their handprints we also made this super duper cute (if you ask me 😁) chicken artwork! 

With a “baa baa here and a baa baa there” we started on the kiddos fingerprint sheep. They decide where the head and legs should go and glued them on! Here are just a few of my favorites…..

One of my favorites 

All the kids love saying! These were also kiddo inspired placements, they all turned out super cute. I hope that one day their parents will treasure these as true pieces from their kiddos mind.

We switched story books from Old McDonald to Mrs. Wishy Washy now this is a book I had never heard of until I started working at my little brothers preschool. But it is such a hit with the kids there that I knew I needed to bring it to New Hope. If you have never read this book and have little ones, you should get it because it is so much fun! Our first craft with Mrs. Wishy Washy was a pig covered in mud because you know pigs like to get dirty!!!! 

The kids got to paint mud on the piggies using their hands to get messy themselves! We also had a special snack of chocolate mud and animal crackers!!! This was a huge hit and we had lots of messy faces!

All week the kiddos were asking about the cow so that couldn’t be forgotten! We let the kids pick where they wanted to glue the spots and they even made some cute smiles on their cows faces.

In our final week of Mrs. Wishy Washy it is all about sending everyone to the tub for a nice scrub where you say… Wishy- Washy , Wishy- Washy… For the older classes we blew blue bubbles to make bubble prints lets just say that was a fun but huge mess!!! I think I still have blue speckles on me! My favorite was the “WOWs” coming from them as they watched the bubbles be blown. We decided this craft was going to be a little too much for the younger kiddos so we did theirs with a different twist!

And finally a lesson on Mrs. Wishy Washy is not complete without a day of making the animals all muddy and then giving them a nice bath just like Mrs. Wishy Washy would and singing…. Wishy- Washy, Wishy-Washy!

Some bonus painting with hay :) 


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