Saturday, February 12, 2011

God is providing Mile by Mile!

I have received donations for 3,122 miles so far!  That means I have 17,878 miles to go! God is so wonderful I know he will provide the following! I am getting more more excited as the days go by leading up to my trip! One of the girls who was on the trip with me 2 years ago is at MBHOH right now and reading her blog and see pictures just makes my heart warm ! If everyone could please keep her in your prayers she has moved to China for 6 months! She is only at the big house for a couple of weeks then she heads of for school , then she will be back at the big house this summer! I am so happy that she is getting this amazing opportunity!

I can not say this enough times but thank you everyone for all your prayers , love and support!


1 comment:

  1. I've loved reading Abby's posts and I cannot wait to watch her journey unfold there! I'm so so excited for you and can't wait to relive it all through your piictures and posts :)