Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bringing some summer to New Hope preschool

 WOW! I have been here for 2 full weeks now! During these 2 weeks I have adjusted to my role as summer preschool teacher. The kids have officially stolen my heart. 
I have been able to get into the rhythm of preschool class schedule….I've even learned the Chinese names of all 18 of my kiddos! I have been looking on Pinterest for lots of fun craft activities to do this summer. My current big project is updating our big board! I had all the kids sponge paint paper in class and now I am busy cutting out petals. During class on Monday we are going to glue the petals to flower centers that have each child’s name on them. I am hoping to add some summer feel to the classroom with big bright flowers on our board. I am also looking up other craft ideas that would go along with a summer fun theme. One of the kids favorite book is "Shoey and Dot"  by Mary Beth Chapman, since the story teller in the book is a ladybug, I've been looking for some fun lady bug crafts and activities. Looking forward to trying to find my inner craftiness

 This past week I had to say goodbye to my friend from Belgium, Anne as her time visiting came to a close. I am so glad for our time in China together and all her help in the preschool class during my first week! I also had to say “see you later” to my sweet friend Chelsea. I met Chelsea 2 years ago on my last trip and she was the one that really encouraged me to applied for the summer internship. She just recently got married and is now  headed back to the States for a bit to spend time with her husband! Although I am sad to see her go, I am so excited for her new adventure as an Army wife.  

I love Chinese food, and having the "real deal" is amazing.  I have enjoyed walking into the village to get fresh fruit to have on hand throughout the week. (yes, this is from a totally safe store and all the fruit is washed with bottled water!) I do miss cooking and having some of my favorite dishes.  The stove we have available for our personal use is in  need of  repair, so I'm looking for some quick and easy microwave recipes.  Pinterest to the rescue….I've made macaroni and cheese and even pancakes!  

                                           Shoey and Dot book is a favorite of the kids

                                          we have lots of fun at the New Hope preschool

                                           painting was definitely a hit
 I'm really going to miss my sweet friend Chelsea...she has been a great friend and mentor
it was alot of fun having my friend from Belgium visit New Hope and fall in love with all the sweet faces like I do.

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