Sunday, June 9, 2013


                        June 8,2013 
 A neat momento that New Hope staff tries to do for each child here at the orphanage is create a scrapbook of their time with them.  Their book follows the child wherever they go…and ultimately with the prayer that it will be a special gift for them and their forever family when they are adopted.   I spent yesterday organizing, and sorting through pictures, paper, stickers and old scrapbooks. My goal is to have every preschool child's scrapbooks done before I leave this summer. I am also hoping to get the books finished of those that have been matched with a family as well. It is a lot of fun to go back through the old pictures of when they first arrived and to SEE how much they have changed. As I have been taking pictures throughout the week I have been adding them to their files so that hopefully one day their forever family will get a disk of pictures from throughout the years! 

Painting lots of pudgy hands and sweet little feet for their personal scrapbooks.

Today we celebrated a birthday in our preschool class. Little Timothy turned 3 years old!   It was so much fun making his special day, extra special.  We have a team of 3 high school students visiting from Singapore right now and one of them is very artsy. She was able to make Timothy a Happy Birthday shirt! I am going to be sad to see this team leave tomorrow.  They have been so much help in preschool and working on scrapbooks. One of the special things that we try to add to every scrapbook is the child’s hand and footprints. With help from this team I was able to get every child in preschool’s prints done! This is a big task and baby wipes (or the makings for homemade wipes)  are going on my shopping-list they are    wonderful to have when painting in class.               

This weekend is pretty low key here so I will be spending a lot of time working on getting future craft projects ready and scrapbooking. Missing everyone at home and hoping they are having a blast at Make a Wish and the Club Beyond spaghetti dinner is a huge success!

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