Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Fun

What kid does not like going to the pool on a hot summer day?? Well the preschool kids here are no different!  At first I was not sure what the nannies would say when I asked and the first response was it is too cold (it was already 80 degree’s at 8AM!)  Last Wednesday (June 19,2013) we had a group of moms and daughters visiting, so the first 2 preschool classes got to skip school, and spend the time at the pool!  For some of the kids this was their first time ever in the pool! So it was fun to see their reaction to the water. The ones that were here last summer that went swimming jumped right in and started playing. It was so much fun to watch their little faces light up with joy while they were cooling off on a hot summer day! It is moments like this that I love being able to give some of the kids a bit of what a “normal” summer is like. Every day since going to the pool the kids have asked me if they can go to the “water” again.  Swimming time again is in the works we just have to have enough hands available, and of course the weather has to be on our side.
The group that was just here visiting was such a blessing to me in more ways then I can write. They were a wonderful group of ladies  from a church in the states and all them were homeschoolers. It was so nice to sit and chat with them in the evenings and to have them around to help with afternoon preschool classes. I am so thankful that they arrived just when they did, as it was the absolute perfect timing.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of our swimming adventure! 


1st class is ready to go! 

Liam splashing in the water

Liam and James love the pool

I love my class 

Timothy having fun with the water and bucket 

Love this sweet boy

Such an amazing group

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