Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Journey begins.....

So, the journey begins!!! First step; fly to Philly and then to Maryland. All I can say was my first thought when I got on the plane was, “Am I on the wrong plane!!!” It was the smallest plane I have ever been on for an international flight.  It only had 31 rows (I was in row 30) and it had 6 seats per row! So on top of being super small, it had no TV’s!! They had a couple of overhead monitors that you had to buy headphones to use and they only played PG13 movies.  I am still not sure how they get away with that since they had a ton of kids on the flight. I was super happy to have my laptop, book and iPod. So, then came the exciting part.  They ran out of food before they got to me!!!! There were a total of 15 passengers that did not get any food!  They gave us instead a choice of one of the in-flight snacks you can buy, so I ended up with some pretzel M&M's, which I will have to say were yummy!! So after all that, we arrived safely, which is what really matters.

I had a short layover in Philly and stopped in at the USO (which is so nice) and then headed out to my very short next flight! I think I actually had more leg room on that flight then my long one. Go figure! I was only in the air for a whole 28 minutes!! I landed safely again and my suitcase was one of the first to come out, but I discovered that one of my wheels broke off somewhere in transit. It is a really good thing my suitcase has 4 wheels!! 

That ends my journey for now.  I am hanging out and visiting family here in Maryland until Thursday when I head to Newark! 


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