Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tuesday - Kids and toys

Today, we got to unpack the suitcases we brought over and all the goodies inside!!! One of the things most of you know that I brought over was a double stroller thanks to the IBC youth group kids! They loved it and have requested to see if more people will bring them over with the summer groups! I am going to repurpose the extra money that I raised for this trip originally destined to support Show Hope to buy another stroller that will be brought over by someone this summer. They are so exited and it is already getting lots of use! The Ayi's love taking the kids on walks and I have seen it out and about several times already! We had a couple of suitcases filled with new toys for all the rooms! We separated them all and then delivered them. It was so fun to watch all the kids and Ayi'sfaces as we brought in new toys for their rooms. One of the things in the suitcases I had the most fun with was the tutu’s!!! Some of the older girls were not quite sure what to do with them so I had to put one on.  Sorry, sadly no one got pictures of that. But one of the babies really enjoyed it, was so sweet and I have tons of pictures! Along, with playing with all the sweet little ones here, we have been having some wonderful evening bonding and devo time! I am here with an amazing group of people and it is so hard to believe we have not even known each other for a week! I feel so blessed to be a part of this team and I know God has great things planned for all of us! 


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