Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday - Kids and paint

Our last full day at Maria's :( It was so sad thinking this is really our last full day here. It has gone by so fast! Today we spent finishing up some of the various projects we are all doing around the Big House for them. I was helping work on painting new clouds on the 6th floor. Each team that comes signs a cloud so you leave a part of you here! It is really special and all the clouds were filled up already so we painted about 5 new areas of the wall blue last night and today we went and painted lots and lots of blue clouds in the sky! Between now and September 17, the clouds will be filled. Isn't that amazing! God has some great plans for this place in the next couple of months! 

This afternoon we were able to take some of the older kids outside to play in the new sandbox. It was so much fun to see their faces when we first set them in the sand! Jessica was not too sure about it at first.  Then she loved it and had so much fun moving the sand between all the toys. I did have to laugh b/c anytime I made a sand turtle or shell, she would look at it and then crush it right away.  All the other kids thought they were just the coolest things. 

We ended our last night at Maria's with a roof top cookout with the nurses and staff. We had some yummy hamburgers thanks to Mikey, who can only cook 6 burgers at a time on this itty bitty grill. (Yes, they are working on getting a big one) We also had pasta salad and chips.  It was great fellowship.  We also prayed over the staff living here for their strength as they continue to live outside their home countries serving the Lord here at Maria’s. I have to get back to finishing up my packing.  Then, I have an early morning of goodbyes as we head back to Beijing. Thank you everyone for your prayers. 


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