Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wed- Preschool class and old town Luoyang

Today was an exciting day!!! We had preschool class in the morning! I was actually in class for 2 of the 3 classes.  We had so much fun painting and making a mess! There are about 3 kids per class and because we were there to help out, we got to paint pictures with them. They had so much fun picking colors and working on some English words. They are all just a bunch of sweethearts and some of the girls are so sassy!! Little Miss Jessica is just a mess.  She knows what she wants and it is so hard to tell her know b/c she is so cute!!! 

This afternoon we went to lunch in Old Town Luoyang and walked around there for a bit. This was something I did not do last time and it was really cool to see "real" China. I loved looking in all the local art shops where you could watch the artists work. Old Town has such a different feel then Beijing. Here is your trivia lesson of the day. What Chinese City, known for its local visiting Missionaries and an orphanage, was once the capital of China?  You guessed it…Luoyang used to be the capital of China! We had the chance to actually walk around within the city walls, find a tea room and have some afternoon tea. Then, back to Maria's for lots more afternoon play time!

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