Friday, April 8, 2011

With all the wonderful support as I mention below I was able to buy a double stroller! Plus, I have 4 baby carriers and possibly 2 more coming! These are needed for transferring the babies around to care for different needs.

We had a wonderful team conference call earlier this week and the one American nurse Mariah is so excited about us being there over Easter! She is planning on spreading the holiday out over the whole trip! I am so happy that I will be able to bless the staff at MBHOH with a little taste of home! I am going to bring some American and Belgium chocolate! ( we found out that chocolate in China taste like WAX!) I also found out about a few other home like things they would love like coffee and candles so I am going to work on that and see what all I can fit in my suitcase! Whatever I can bring over to bless them I want to do!

Now , the not so fun part of packing comes! I am going to work on that this week start packing for both my few days in the States and China! We found out the weather is going to be mid- high 70's and have a low of 50's. So the weather will be nice and not too hot!

I will write more when I have a new update! Please just keep praying for my team and all the people we will be with while we are in China!



  1. aww so exciting! I'm so so so excited for you and to hear about this trip! Also, you should stock up on that crazy mushroom (??) chocolate things..??with the cracker stem and chocolate top haha I've been craving them since China! I'm sure your team and the people at MBHOH will LOVE your fun European treats! :)

  2. I'm ashamed to admit how long it took me to figure out how to leave a comment... We'll leave it at that LOL.

    Packing is the fun part, silly lady! Wish I could be there with you for all the pre-trip excitement!! Love you, Stephie-wephie!!

  3. oh hey... HA! I found the subscribe to email button. Okay, I'm retarded :D

  4. yay!! I am glad you were able to find it Becca!! The making my suitcase weight the right about part of packing is no fun!